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Cabrol F. Chapter VI-6. General Remarks - Endnotes - Bibliography.


By the Right Reverend Dom Fernand Cabrol



GENERAL REMARKS.--We shall not point out the analogies between this Mass  and that of the Gallican rite; they are so self-evident that many  liturgiologists consider both liturgies as two branches from the same  trunk, or even as derived one from the other.

From this study of the Mozarabic Mass it may be concluded that this  particular liturgy was in a great measure a national one, like that of  Gaul, its sister. Many of its formulas were written by Spanish prelates;  certain rites also were created by them. For many centuries Toledo was the  center of what may truly be called a national liturgy. If ever a Spanish  Abbe Bremond writes the history of religious feeling in his own country -- as it has already been admirably written for France --the Mozarabic liturgy  will take the most important place therein, and all will be astonished at  the wealth, variety, and singularity of its formulas.

We shall not stop here to discuss the question of the orthodoxy of this  liturgy, since this has been fully argued by liturgiologists of the  seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; by Edmund Bishop, Dom Ferotin, Mgr.  Mercati, and Dom de Bruyne. It would take us too far from our subject. We  can only give here a Bibliography in which will be found the names of the  principal authors by whom the question has been discussed.


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